about assert magazine

The black community has an image problem.

Even the term “black culture” is a misnomer given that there are many black cultures, ethnicities, languages, and nationalities encompassed by the single term.

The media seems to revel in the pathological aspects of our Diaspora, ranging from the garish excesses of the Bling Set to the crushing stories of the too-numerous indigent, while ignoring the real progress we have made.  Our social problems are indeed real, and our celebrities sometimes act like fools, but incorrect and biased perceptions do real harm.

Despite our significant advances, the transcendent elements of the community are largely reputed not to exist.  This silent majority, this invisible 80, our professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, and academics, all deserve a voice. 

ASSERTmagazine is that voice.

The schism between reality and perception will not mend itself.  We cannot sit in quiet resignation waiting for recognition of our existence.  We must ASSERT ourselves.  This is our mission.  More than an effort to show others who we are, it is, indeed, an effort to show us to ourselves.

Black excellence pervades more fields than are commonly believed, and we intend to explore and expose that reality.  We will analyze the attitudes held, pathways taken, obstacles encountered, and outcomes realized by black achievers and aspirants. 

In the process, we will also dismantle the dangerous myth of the insular black community.  We do integrate. After all, a group which does not tap into the larger society cannot take advantage of everything it offers. This persistent false impression, a holdover from segregation, is especially harmful to young achievers, and markedly untrue among high-performing blacks. 

Here are people who not only take advantage of opportunities to collaborate, but are also building cultural bridges and personal connections outside these ostensible racial boundaries.  We’ll explore these AND many more connections in ASSERT.

Let us find out together, and show everyone what we are really made of. 
C’mon, ASSERT yourselves!